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The deadline has passed. You can continue to edit your fic/art until reveals in a week. You can also post any additional treats you may be working on until then. I have defaulted everyone who has not uploaded their assignment or contacted me about an extension.

There is one pinch-hit.
If you would like to claim it, please comment on this post (comments are screened) with your AO3 name. I will assign the pinch-hit to whoever replies first, but additional treats would of course be awesome.

Pinch-hits are due 24 hours before reveals, i.e. at 6.00 pm UTC on Thursday, August 17th. The collection will not open before everyone has a gift.

Request 1 by ComposerofDiscord
Relationship: General Ludendorff/Isabel Maru Fanart Fanfiction
Summary I'd like it with more focus on Isabel and her twisted thoughts, but I would like to see something between these two evil power couple. Please feel free to take this wherever you'd like whether it's one-sided, weirdly cute, or an example of an unhealthy relationship. DNW: do not want it be rated E for explicit, therefore no explicit torture scenes, please, and no explicit non-consensual scenes
Dear Author Letter http://composerofdiscord.dreamwidth.org/310.html

Request 2 by ComposerofDiscord
character: Bruce Wayne Fanart Fanfiction
Summary What does the Bat do to keep warm on those snowy mountain tops from the Justice League trailer? Could be a gen or a ship fic. I don't mind the ship, but comedy would be much appreciated. Do Not Wants: if you go the smutty route, no humiliation kink, or hard BDSM. Light BDSM is fine. Also no non-consensual themes, please. Any ship is fine except for Batman/Robin, or if you want to make it Gen of just Bruce Wayne making weird phone calls (where the message gets jumbled because of poor cell phone reception), or yodeling on top of a mountain, all of that is 100% okay too. Overall, please feel free to take this wherever you'd like
Dear Author Letter http://composerofdiscord.dreamwidth.org/310.html

Request 3 by ComposerofDiscord
character: Bruce Wayne Fanart Fanfiction
Summary Alfred Pennyworth is afraid that his Master, Bruce Wayne, needs to settle down. So he does the only thing any reasonable person would do, he asks around and sets Bruce up with the "perfect" match. Please feel free to take this anywhere you like even if it's Alfred he ends up with or no one at all. How Alfred sets Bruce up is also entirely up to you whether Alfred hires them as a member of Bruce's staff, or set them up as a fake private escort for Bruce to take to a gala, etc. Comedy would be most appreciated, but angst is okay too. I'll just cry a little... or a lot. Gender bending is also okay. Do Not Wants: Batman/robin, and further list in the author letter if you plan on adding smut
Dear Author Letter http://composerofdiscord.dreamwidth.org/310.html

Request 4 by ComposerofDiscord
character: Bruce Wayne Fanart Fanfiction
Optional Tags: Gen
Summary "I've heard about you; didn't think you were real." From the Justice League trailer, Victor Stone says he's heard stories. What stories of the bat has he heard, and does this make it harder to persuade him or the other members from joining the League? Does Barry not stop asking Bruce which stories are real and which aren't? Please take this wherever you want. Drama or comedy, or a little of both, I'm 100% okay with. Even if it's just Bruce telling stories of himself to the younger members of the League to "make a point", I'm okay with that too!
Dear Author Letter http://composerofdiscord.dreamwidth.org/310.html

If you don't have a gift yet, don't panic. Several participants have asked for an extension. Everyone who has finished their fic/art will receive a gift.

Good luck editing and treating, everyone! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.


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