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Nominations are now closed and you can find the tag set here. Because I personally find the tag set kind of hard to read in its current form, I made a list that's a bit easier on the eye.

This also seems like a good opportunity to remind you all that you have to offer as well as request at least one character/ship that is neither a crossover ship nor includes DC characters that have not yet appeared in the DCEU movies, i.e. at least one character/ship that is bolded on the list below. I would also like to remind you that the point of including DC characters who haven't appeared in the DCEU yet is to incorporate them in the DCEU - for example, a fic about Dick Grayson interacting with the DCEU version of Bruce and reacting to the events of BvS would be in the spirit of the exchange; a fic about Dick Grayson solving a case that has no connection to the DCEU would not be.

  1. Character: Alfred Pennyworth
  2. Character: Bruce Wayne
  3. Character: Cassandra Cain
  4. Character: Charlie
  5. Character: Clark Kent
  6. Character: Diana Prince
  7. Character: Harleen Quinzel
  8. Character: Harper Row
  9. Character: J'onn J'onzz
  10. Character: Kryptonian Scout Ship
  11. Character: Lex Luthor Jr.
  12. Character: Martha Kent
  13. Character: Midnighter
  14. Character: Tiger (Agent 1)
  15. Relationship: Alfred Pennyworth & Diana Prince
  16. Relationship: Alfred Pennyworth & Perry White
  17. Relationship: Alfred Pennyworth/Diana Prince
  18. Relationship: Antiope & Diana Prince
  19. Relationship: Antiope & Hippolyta
  20. Relationship: Arthur Curry/Barry Allen
  21. Relationship: Arthur Curry/Clark Kent
  22. Relationship: Bruce Wayne & Bearded Flash (Auralnauts)
  23. Relationship: Bruce Wayne & Kryptonian Scout Ship
  24. Relationship: Bruce Wayne & Lois Lane
  25. Relationship: Bruce Wayne & Martha Kent
  26. relationship: Bruce Wayne & Tim Drake
  27. Relationship: Bruce Wayne/Alfred Pennyworth
  28. Relationship: Bruce Wayne/Arthur Curry
  29. Relationship: Bruce Wayne/Barry Allen
  30. relationship: Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent
  31. Relationship: Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Lois Lane
  32. Relationship: Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent/Scout Ship Tentacles
  33. Relationship: Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson
  34. Relationship: Bruce Wayne/Jason Todd
  35. Relationship: Bruce Wayne/Joseph Dredd (Dredd 2012)
  36. Relationship: Bruce Wayne/Lex Luthor Jr.
  37. Relationship: Bruce Wayne/Mother Box
  38. Relationship: Bruce Wayne/Oliver Queen
  39. relationship: Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark (MCU)
  40. Relationship: Clark Kent & Kryptonian Scout Ship
  41. Relationship: Clark Kent & Senator Finch
  42. Relationship: Clark Kent/Clark Kent Evil Clone
  43. Relationship: Clark Kent/Lex Luthor Jr.
  44. Relationship: Clark Kent/Matches Malone
  45. Relationship: Clark Kent/Perry White
  46. Relationship: Clark Kent/Scout Ship Tentacles
  47. Relationship: Clark Kent/Steve Trevor
  48. Relationship: Diana Prince & Bruce Wayne
  49. Relationship: Diana Prince & Charlie
  50. relationship: Diana Prince & Clark Kent
  51. relationship: Diana Prince & Etta Candy
  52. Relationship: Diana Prince & Hippolyta
  53. Relationship: Diana Prince & Kate Kane
  54. Relationship: Diana Prince & Lois Lane
  55. Relationship: Diana Prince & Martha Kent
  56. Relationship: Diana Prince & Sameer
  57. Relationship: Diana Prince & The Chief
  58. Relationship: Diana Prince/Ares
  59. Relationship: Diana Prince/Bruce Wayne
  60. Relationship: Diana Prince/Galen Erso (Star Wars)
  61. Relationship: Diana Prince/General Ludendorff
  62. Relationship: Diana Prince/Lois Lane
  63. Relationship: Diana Prince/Sameer
  64. Relationship: Diana Prince/Steve Trevor
  65. Relationship: Diana Prince/The Chief
  66. Relationship: General Ludendorff/Isabel Maru
  67. Relationship: Isabel Maru/Diana Prince
  68. Relationship: Isabel Maru/Steve Trevor
  69. Relationship: Kryptonian Scout Ship/J'onn J'onzz
  70. Relationship: Martha Kent & Clark Kent/Bruce Wayne
  71. Relationship: Senator Finch/Martha Kent
  72. Relationship: Steve Trevor & Sameer
  73. Relationship: Steve Trevor/Sameer

You have to be matchable on both offers and requests, so please also take that into consideration while signing up. If you only offer characters/ships nobody requests or if you only request characters/ships nobody offers by the time signups close, you will be asked to add more offers/requests.

Signups are now open.

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