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Nominations Open: June 5th
Nominations Close: June 12th @ 11.59 pm UTC
Signups Open: June 13th
Signups Close: June 21st @ 11.59 pm UTC
Assignments Sent: no later than June 23rd
Deadline: August 11th @ 11.59 pm UTC
Works Reveal: August 18th @ 6 pm UTC
Authors Reveal: August 25th


DCEU Exchange is a fanworks exchange for the DC Extended Universe, meaning at this point in time Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and Wonder Woman.

Participants either write a newly created fanfiction of at least 1000 words or create an original piece of art (no manipulations and graphics) fulfilling one of their recipient's requests. The exchange is run on AO3. Updates and information will be posted on this community and crossposted/linked on tumblr.

This exchange is open to both gen fanworks and fanworks focusing on ships. All ships, all ratings, and all genres are welcome. Participants are expected to be respectful of others' likes/dislikes. Bashing of ships, characters, kinks, and requests will lead to an immediate ban from this exchange.

  • Nominations will be open from June 5th to June 12th
  • Nominations can be either characters (e.g. character: Bruce Wayne) or relationships (e.g. relationship: Bruce Wayne & Clark Kent or relationship: Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent). & relationships are platonic, / relationships are sexual and/or romantic.
  • Relationships including more than two people are eligible.
  • Crossover relationships are allowed, but characters from other canons cannot be nominated on their own (i.e. you can nominate relationship: Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark (MCU), but not character: Tony Stark (MCU)). Include the canon the other character is from in your nomination.
  • DC characters who have not (yet) appeared in the DCEU are eligible (e.g. Dick Grayson, Selina Kyle). However, fic/art about them should involve them with the DCEU (e.g. a fic about Dick reacting to the events in Batman v Superman or reconnecting with DCEU!Bruce would be fine, but a fic about Dick solving a case on his own with no relation to the DCEU would not be appropriate for this exchange).
  • Everyone can nominate up to 6 characters/relationships.
  • Nominate here. You can edit your nominations as long as they haven't been checked by the mod.

  • Signups will be open from June 13th to June 21st on AO3.
  • You can offer 2-10 characters and/or relationships. You can offer fanfic and/or fanart.
  • You can request 2-10 characters and/or relationships. You can request fanfic and/or fanart.
  • At least one of your offers and one of your requests must be neither a crossover relationship nor a character/relationship that includes a non-DCEU character.
  • If you are unmatchable on offers or on requests, the mod will contact you on the 22nd and ask you to add more requests and/or offers. If you do not reply within 24 hours, your signup will be deleted.
  • Requests will be visible during signups.
  • You can include additional tags in your offers and/or your requests for genres, kinks, tropes you like to write/draw/receive (e.g. fluff, angst, smut, fake relationship, identity porn, pain play, bondage). You can also include more optional details and/or a link to a letter for your requests.
  • The mod will handmatch. Handmatching will try to take additional tags and optional details into account; however, you are only guaranteed to match on one character/relationship and one medium (fic or art).
  • You can edit or delete your signup as long as signups are open.


  • You have to create a fanwork that matches your recipient's requested medium (fic or art) and one of their requested characters/relationships. You are expected to respect your recipient's Do Not Wants, if any. All additional tags/optional details are optional. However, we ask that you do your best to create a fanwork you think your recipient will enjoy.
  • Fanfiction has to be 1000+ words, finished, and stand-alone (i.e. not a sequel to a fic you've written before or part of a series).
  • Art has to be an original work created entirely by you. Graphics and manipulations cannot fulfil an art request.
  • You can write/draw a character/relationship you did not initially offer if your recipient requested it.
  • Assignments are secret: do not talk about who you're writing/drawing for until author reveals (not in public, you can of course discuss it with, for example, your beta).
  • You cannot change your assignment. If, by mistake, you have received an assignment that does not match your offers, contact the mod immediately.

Posting Your Work

  • Post your finished fic/art on AO3 by clicking on "Assignments" on your AO3 dash, finding your DCEU Exchange assignment and clicking on "Post to fulfil".
  • You can post your work at any point between receiving your assignment and the deadline. Do not repost your work elsewhere (e.g. on tumblr) before author/artist reveals.
  • You can edit your work after posting it.
  • A saved draft does not count as a posted work. Make sure you have actually posted your work by the deadline.


  • If you cannot finish your work, find your assignment under "Assignments" on your AO3 dashboard and click on "default".
  • If you default and your creator defaults as well, you will not be assigned a pinch hitter.

Pinch Hitting

  • Information about needed pinch hits will be posted here on the DW community.
  • You can claim a pinch hit even if you aren't signed up for the exchange.


  • You may write/draw additional fanworks for other participants and post them in the exchange collection as treats.
  • For this, just post your fic in the exchange collection and manually add in the recipient.
  • Treats do not have to fulfil the minimum word count.
  • You can write treats even if you aren't signed up for the exchange.


  • You will be expected to leave a comment on the fanwork(s) created for you. Non-commenters will be banned from future exchanges.
  • If you defaulted, you are still expected to comment on the fanwork(s) created for you.
  • If your creator did not follow the rules (i.e. did not write/draw a character/pairing you requested or included something you listed as a Do Not Want), please contact the mod.

Any questions or comments? Post them here.
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