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All nominations have been approved/rejected. You can find the (mostly cleaned up) tag set here. Because I personally find the tag set kind of hard to read in its current form, I made a list that's a bit easier on the eye.

This also seems like a good opportunity to remind you all that you have to offer as well as request at least one character/ship that is neither a crossover ship nor includes DC characters that have not yet appeared in the DCEU movies, i.e. at least one character/ship that is bolded on the list below.

Tag set )

You have to be matchable on both offers and requests, so please also take that into consideration while signing up. If you only offer characters/ships nobody requests or if you only request characters/ships nobody offers by the time signups close, you will be asked to add more offers/requests.

Signups are now open.
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For simplicity's sake, I've started to reject characters/relationships that are already in the tag set. So if your nomination wasn't approved, it's because someone else already nominated it.

I'm listing all Diana nominations under "Diana Prince", since everyone else is also nominated under their "civilian" name.

I'm not approving separate nominations for characters' secret identity. This came up while planning the exchange, and the consensus was that it's not really necessary to have, for example, Bruce Wayne/Superman as a separate relationship in the tag set from Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent, but that this is the sort of thing that should go into optional tags/prompts in your signup. The only exception I made for this was Matches Malone/Clark Kent because Matches is much more of a separate character from Bruce/Batman. Plus, since Matches Malone doesn't actually exist (yet) in the DCEU, I will treat that ship as a crossover/non-DCEU ship in so far that it can't be the only ship you offer/request.
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Nominations will remain open until August 8th, 11:59 pm UTC. The tag set is here.

Please read the rules before nominating!

  • All nominations should go under the fandom "DC Cinematic Universe", not the individual movies.
  • Nominations can be either characters (e.g. character: Bruce Wayne) or relationships (e.g. relationship: Bruce Wayne & Clark Kent or relationship: Bruce Wayne/Clark Kent). & relationships are platonic, / relationships are sexual and/or romantic. Both character and relationship nominations go in the "character" field. In the "fandom?" field, add "DC Cinematic Universe".
  • Relationships including more than two people are eligible.
  • Crossover relationships are allowed, but characters from other canons cannot be nominated on their own (i.e. you can nominate relationship: Bruce Wayne/Tony Stark (MCU), but not character: Tony Stark (MCU)). Put the DCEU character first, and include the canon the other character is from in your nomination.
  • DC characters who have not (yet) appeared in the DCEU are eligible (e.g. Dick Grayson, Selina Kyle). However, fic/art about them should involve them with the DCEU (e.g. a fic about Dick reacting to the events in Batman v Superman or reconnecting with DCEU!Bruce would be fine, but a fic about Dick solving a case on his own with no relation to the DCEU would not be appropriate for this exchange).
  • Everyone can nominate up to 6 characters/relationships.
  • You can edit/delete nominations as long as they haven't been approved yet.

If you have any questions, let me know here.
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Nominations Open: August 1st
Nominations Close: August 8th @ 11.59 pm UTC
Signups Open: August 9th
Signups Close: August 17th @ 11.59 pm UTC
Assignments Sent: no later than August 19th
Deadline: October 7th @ 11.59 pm UTC
Works Reveal: October 14th @ 6 pm UTC
Authors Reveal: October 20th


DCEU Exchange is a fanworks exchange for the DC Extended Universe, meaning at this point in time Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Suicide Squad, and the upcoming Justice League and Wonder Woman movies.

Participants either write a newly created fanfiction of at least 1000 words or create an original piece of art (no manipulations and graphics) fulfilling one of their recipient's requests. The exchange is run on AO3. Updates and information will be posted on this community and crossposted/linked on tumblr.

This exchange is open to both gen fanworks and fanworks focusing on ships. All ships, all ratings, and all genres are welcome. Participants are expected to be respectful of others' likes/dislikes. Bashing of ships, characters, kinks, and requests will lead to an immediate ban from this exchange.

Rules and Exchange Information )


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